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This month, you have five scholarships to grab!!!! Hurry register now...

Thank you for visiting us. Channel Eye is dedicated to Sri Lankan students those who trying to prosper in their education. If you need financial assistance for your education, this is the place to start. Doesn't matter whether you are studying for Ordinary Level (O/L), Advance Level (A/L) or an undergraduate. We will try our best to find out someone to help you.

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If you like to help a kid to accomplish his/her educational goals and make him a responsible citizen then Channel Eye is the right place for you. Don't forget you are changing the future of someone who is in real need! Every year hundreds of kids gave up their education due to low economic conditions. Most of them end up doing very low earning jobs or end up being lost in their lives. We will help you to identify kids who are really clever and it is up to you to decide on how/what you can do to change their lives.

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Where ever you are, what ever you do, it is time to think and decide...

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I like to help a student

We are very grateful for the decision that you have made. Whatever the contribution you have made, will change the life of a innocent kid in Sri Lanka.

If you can afford to spend 1000Rs (10$) or 2000Rs (20$) per month on education of someone who really needs please click on "Help Now"...

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Don't let money to be a problem to your education. We are here to help you. Remember "A Good Education" is all what you need to change your future. To find out how you can enroll please click on "Apply Now" button below.

Education is an investment for a better tomorrow.