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Help to change the future of a student in Sri Lanka

Not every kid is lucky enough to get a good education, even they are smart enough to get high marks in the exams. Economic conditions of the parents affects drastically to the education of the young children in Sri Lanka. Students are indirectly forced to study what their parents can afford rather than what they really like. Moreover, there are thousands of students those who can not even afford to buy shoes, school bags or at least the text books. If you can support such a student and change their future, wouldn't that be a greatest satisfaction in your life?


It is just a simple thought of satisfaction which you will never forget in your life and a devine help which an innocent kid somewhere in rural Sri Lanka will never forget in their life. Out of your busy schedule with thousands of obligations to fulfill please spend few minutes to think of the power you have to change another life.

We will help you to identify kids those are in real need. There is no long term obligation, there is no minimum amount you have to spend, decission is entirely upto you. A long list of students are waiting for your kind support and it is never too late...

School kids in Sri Lanka

Can you spend 20$ per month?

If you can, do you know the what expenses a kid can cover from it? He can get,

  • a new school uniform
  • text books those are enough for one term.
  • cover all tution fees and traveling expenses

Even 10$ per month will change many things in their life.

How it works?

Step 1 : Register as a Sponsor

Step 2 : Receive information about kids waiting for your support.

Step 3 : Select at least one student to support

Step 4 : Receive kid's contact details

Step 5 : Make your own arrangements to support them.

If you have problems in making these arrangements please let us know.

Step 6 : At the end of each term/semester you will receive his/her educational details

Step 7 : If you need to reconsider your sponsorship, please let us know.


Please proceed to the Register (click here to regsiter) section and complete your registration. We will contact you soon. To find out more about us and who we are, please click on About us (Click here)